Welcome to Smart Prepping!

Before we get started you may be asking the question “what is prepping”? Prepping is preparing, and there are many things worth preparing for. Even if something bad like, having a thief break into your house in the midst of a grid power outage, or being in a flood or Tornado, has never happened to you before, chances are it could happen to you tomorrow. So way take the chance?

The Goal of this Website

 Smart Prepping’s goal is to tell people the smart way to prep with the tools you need to do it. With links to stores were you can buy what you need as well as books to guide you along the way this site is here to educate people on what to prep for and make it easy for you to prep for the worst as you hope for the best.

So why prep?

 One reason to prep is for prevention and another is for safety and preservation. In other words, by prepping you can help to prevent that thief from walking into your house and by preparing for that flood, tornado, or other disaster you can ensure the safety and preservation of the lives and wellbeing of yourself and your family.

Are you prepared?